A Brief Heading

My Story

I could say I wanted to be a hairdresser from the start, but no.

It was just a coincidence for me to select this creative, good connection-establishing, and continuous innovation-requiring work. I spent my academic years and the beginning of my career at Jenő Horváth. I put down my master’s exam in 2007. My own salon was opened in 2010, which I transferred to the heart of downtown in 2018. I’ve been competing since I was a student. For my first contest, I was invited by my master’s son, Zoltán Horváth, and this is still a determining part of my life. I have attended nearly 50 domestic and international championships. Since 2011, I have been on stage at two European and five World Championships as a member of the Hungarian Hairdressers Team.

My results, in a nutshell:

  • 2011-2014 mixed Hungarian Champion title in long hair category
  • 6x hair tattooing champion
  • Master Champion in the Knot of Hair category in 2015
  • OMC World Championship 2014 Frankfurt: 10th place in Wedding Hairstyle
  • OMC World Championship 2016 Seoul, 8th place in Wedding Hairstyle
  • Nevskie Berega International Championship 2017 Saint Petersburg: 5th place (out of 110 attendants) in Knot Bun Wedding Hairstyle
  • OMC World Championship 2017 Paris: 4th place in Wedding Hairstyle
  • 2017: Hairdresser of the Year
  • OMC World Championship 2018 Paris Team Finalist: 5th place (Wedding Hairstyle: Prestige Galastyle)
  • 2021 OMC World Championship  2021: 6th place in Technical Freestyle Category
  • 2022 OMC World Championship 2022: 5th place in Technical Freestyle Category
  • 2023 OMC Gold Cup 2023: 4th place in Prestige Gala Category


Valéria Szabó, my trainer, helped me with the hard preparation and practice. Therefore, my gratitude and thanks go to her. I would have never achieved these results without her.

I attend trainings continuously in Hungary and abroad, equally. Every year, in London, they host the Salon International event, where I’m attending a lot of presentations. The amount of knowledge I get there is always growing. My work can be seen not only in my salon but also on training courses and on the stage of different presentations.

For me, this is not a job, but a profession. The desire for knowledge and incentive dissatisfaction are what drive me ahead. It feels good that I can show this to my guests during their time at my salon.

The profession awarded me with the Year Hairdresser award in 2017.